Therese Sennerholt

Therese Sennerholt is a Swedish-based, award-winning freelance art director working with advertising, editorial, graphic and corporate identity. As a side hobby, she has created some really cool graphic prints. Therese´s prints are available in selected shops in Scandinavia as well as in her own webshop.
Styling: Lotta Agaton
Phtotography: Henrik Bonnevier and Guido Hildebrand


I want what Katie had!

I have a weakness for blogs dedicated to food. I have to admit that it´s the photography and the styling of the photographs that mostly appeals to me. Having worked as a food stylist I appreciate a good work of this genre when I see it. Katie Quinn Davies is an Australian food photographer and stylist who blogs on What Katie Ate, a beautiful blog, packed with recipes and info. Although I haven´t tried her recipes yet, they look really tempting and the photography and styling is, to me, just perfect. I´ve included few photographs of cakes and deserts. Please enjoy much more of Katie´s lovely work over at What Katie Ate.

Walther & Co.

Christmas goodies from Walther & Co. 


Therme Vals

I had the pleasure last night to get a sneak preview of a lecture that´s going to be given tomorrow on the Swiss architect, Peter Zumthor. Therme Vals, a hotel/spa located in the village of Vals in Switzerland, is one of his many innovative and highly original projects. The spa, listed as a protected building, is a rectangular construction with stacked walls of stone slabs, quarried only 2 km away. The hotel is furnished with furniture from designers such as Eileen Gray, Ray and Charles Eames and Marcel Breuer. Therme Vals has been called a "lesson in courage and aesthetics" and "a spa such as has never been seen before". It definitely looks like a tempting destination for those who love outstanding architecture, pampering and landscape in one package. You can learn more about Therme Vals here.


Katrin Arens Italian home

Katrin Arens has a rather unique home somewhere in the Lombardy region in the north of Italy. I particularly fancy how she uses rough, untreated wood in every room and outside in the garden. This is a look I could go for if I had a cottage in the country....

Photographs: Marie Claire Maison


Industrial look

Nice office space at Roman and Williams. Love the industrial look.


Studio Bility

I don´t blog often enough about Icelandic design, which is a shame since a lot of it is very good and definitely worth mentioning. One of my favorite Icelandic design studio, is Studio Bility, founded in 2005 by product designer Gudrun Lilja Gunnlaugsdottir and Jon Asgeir Hreinsson, graphic designer and Gudrun´s husband. Gudrun Lilja is actually one of my all-time favorite product designers. She has a very distinctive personal style which I admire enormously. I love those 3 different candle holders, shown here. Very appropriate for this time of year. More work by Studio Bility team on their website.
Designers: Gudrun Lilja & Runa Thors
Designers: Gudrun Lilja & Runa Thors

Photographer: Marino Thorlacius

Lotta Agaton

The owner of this beautiful apartment is Swedish stylist, Lotta Agaton

Photographer: Pia Ulin.

Annett Janowiak

I first saw Annett Janowiak´s paper art in German Elle Decoration, last year if I remember correctly. Annett, a German stylist, creates beautiful paper art out of ordinary, white paper plates. 

Paloma´s Nest christmas decorations

I came across Paloma´s Nest on Etsy quite some time ago and immediately fell in love with the delicate ceramics products, handcrafted by the woman behind Paloma´s Nest, Texan Caroline Colom Vasquez. For Christmas 2010, Caroline has made a line of really beautiful ceramic ornaments for the home.  
The dove has become one of Caroline´s most popular motives and each year a new version of the dove becomes available to the delight of collectors.

Christmas tree ornament, perfect for the christmas tree or to tie on a Christmas gift or a bottle.
Letter ceramic garland.
This year´s ceramic dove features a tiny hole at the beak where a "twig" of decorative baubles have been inserted.
Tile ornaments, perfect for either hanging on the tree, on the Christmas present or to decorate the house with.
Paloma´s Nest ceramics arrives beautifully packaged. 


Farmers Market

Farmers Market is an Icelandic design company run by designer Bergthora Gudnadottir and musician Joel Palsson. Using the unique Icelandic wool with other natural materials such as leather and silk, Farmers Market has been producing clothing and accessories, based on Icelandic traditions and designs since 2005. Farmers Market can be found in selected shops in US, Europe and Japan. 

Images from Farmers Market´s workshop, situated close to Reykjavik harbour, are shot by Kolfinna Mjöll Asgeirsdottir. Love the color and mood of the photographs:)