Another place I visited and was intrigued by yesterday, offered things miles apart on the design/art spectrum from Sarah´s and Nina´s exhibition at The Nordic House. S/k/e/k/k is a design shop which hasn´t really opened formally here in Iceland, but nevertheless popped up temporarily during DesignMarch. Designers and brands such as Ladies and Gentlemen, a design-duo which designed the Homestead candleholders in the image above, A kind of GuiseDaniel Magnusson, Doug Johnston, Iacoli & McAllister, Shwood and Umemi all have one thing in common, besides being available at S/k/e/k/k; they all aim to design and produce design objects with novel and forward-thinking methods, where the emphasis is on eco-friendly design. S/k/e/k/k doesn´t have a website up and running just yet but is right there with us and the rest of the world on Facebook. 
Hex bottle opener and key chain by Iacoli & McAllister
Bianca table by Iacoli & McAllister
Ty DIY shower curtain from Grain


Cooper & Gorfer

Today is officially the last day of DesignMarch 2013 and for me personally, this has been the most fun and inspiring DesignMarch so far, by far. Design in Iceland is a relatively young "industry" and we are perhaps not quite "there" yet, compared with our fellow Nordic countries like Denmark, Sweden and Finland which all have a strong and solid design heritage, recognized the world over. Having said that, a lot of what I saw from Icelandic designers this DesignMarch, is both beautifully designed AND made, truly deserving of being introduced to the rest of the world. 
However, before I start to bombard you with my personal favorites of Icelandic design, I want to share with you two events of foreign origins which I enjoyed very much, but for very different reasons. Both these events are part of the DesignMarch 2013 programme.

Yesterday afternoon I visited a photographic exhibition which absolutely blew me away. When I left, my first thought was, I have to come back! Held in the basement of The Nordic House, designed by Alvar Aalto and opened in 1968, this exhibition was not something I would have thought would work with Aalto´s organic, modernist style of architecture. Being taken by surprise can be such an important and yet often overlooked part in making an object or an experience unforgettable, and a surprise the exhibition certainly was, for me and the two people with me there yesterday. The space where the exhibition was held had been dramatically transformed into something that you were far from expecting to see in a place like The Nordic House, yet so incredibly complimenting to the striking and dramatic ambiance reflected in each and every image hanging on the walls.  
The Long Moment is an exhibition were Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer beautifully blurr the lines between photography and painting in photographs, shot in Iceland and countries as far away as Quatar and Kyrgyzstan. A lot of work goes into both pre- and post production where the images are digitally processed to create collages which you are sometimes not sure whether to categorize as photographs or paintings. The results are, to me at least, breathtakingly beautiful. 


Home and Delicious

The latest issue of Home and Delicious is out, just in time for DesignMarch 2013, a week in March dedicated to Icelandic design which is, by the way, practically blooming these days, more of which a bit later. In this issue of Home and Delicious you will find a selection of Icelandic design and interviews with Icelandic designers such as Olga and Elisabet at Volki and Stefan Petur; interview with Emma Fexeus the creator of the hugely popular Emmas Designblogg, the Australian stylist extraordinaire Sibella Court plus an interview with Samantha Denisdottir of Lovenordic and Story North, one of the nicest person I´ve ever "met" online. Hope you enjoy the latest issue of Home and Delicious, my focus in the next few days will be on enjoying and introducing you to Icelandic design at its best. 


Love Warriors

It is perhaps appropriate, on this day dedicated to lovers, to introduce you to the Love Warriors, a Swedish team of incredibly creative talents.

All images © hannah lemholt | love warriors
Found via Sam over at Love Nordic


A home in Spello designed by Paola Navone

I´m spending a quiet Saturday at home, sorting through papers and magazines, going through my to-do list, contemplating things that have recently happened and thinking about things in the near future. It´s raining outside, absolutely pouring to be honest, and I´m snuggled up in bed with my dog snoring away at my feet, surrounded by magazines and my laptop. Going through my bookmark folder, I came across these images and decided to share them here with you, although I know that many of you have seen this home featured somewhere before, in magazines or on blogs. This is the home of hotelier Andrea Falkner Campi and her husband, Feliciano who runs a publishing house in Italy. Together, Andrea and Feliciano live in Andrea´s hometown of Spello in the Umbria region in Italy. Their home is huge, 500 square meters of open space with ceilings, almost 10 meters high. This 17th century industrial building had been empty for almost 60 years when Andrea and Feliciano bought it and set about renovating the whole place. The Italian design legend, Paola Navone was in charge of the interior design but Paola has one impressive portfolio, having worked as an architect, designer, interior designer and art director plus more, for prestigious clients such as Armani Casa, Alessi, Natuzzi, Swarovski and Gervasoni. Update! Andrea contacted me and told me that the sofa I had previously credited to Paola for Gervasoni was in fact a sofa Paola designed for Linteloo. Doesn´t change the fact that I absolutely love it and would love to have it in my living room. Thanks Andrea:)
The five Koushi lamps hanging over the massive dining table are designed by the American photographer Mark Eden Schooley. The dining table itself is 6 meters long, made from thick, and I´m guessing, extremely heavy planks from the Kauri tree, found in New Zealand. The floor tiles are designed by Paola and handmade in Morocco. 
There are so many details that I love in this house. I love the industrial features which you see in particular in the kitchen but also in the steel structures of the upper passageways and how the industrial details blend beautifully with objects and details of Moroccan origin.
I´m particularly smitten with the massive beams, which like the brick walls, are painted white, making stark contrast to the furniture and fireplace. 

 The bathroom sink in the shape of a pie form, is designed by Paola for Flaminia
The bathroom tiles on floors and walls are also designed by Paola for Flaminia and handmade in Morocco. 

Photographer Max Zambelli
Text based on original text by Mille Collin Flaherty for Rum magazine

The home of Lotta Agaton

I´ve shown you images from the home of Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton and her family before, see here. These images, shot by Pia Ulin and published in Residence magazine, are currently flying around blogs everywhere. And I´m not in the least bit surprised. The Stockholm apartment of Lotta and her family is painted pristine white and decorated with mostly black and white furniture. Maybe not so unlike many other Scandinavian homes we see these days. But what makes Lotta´s apartment stand out and makes it so incredibly appealing, in my mind anyway, are the lush, green plants all over the apartment. Fresh is the first word that comes to my mind seeing these images. Now I´m very much inspired to dash out and buy evergreen plants to decorate my own place.

Photographer Pia Ulin


Gilles & Boissier in Paris

Some of the most beautiful houses and apartments in the world are to be found in Paris and right here is one example to back up that claim. Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier run the architecture and design firm Gilles & Boissier and this utterly gorgeous 19th century apartment on Boulevard Malesherbes, is their personal abode. The basic structures of the apartment are typical for French architecture of the 19th century; high ceilings, large open rooms, French windows and decorative, floral moldings on ceilings, doors, fireplaces, windows and walls. The herringbone parquet floor is to die for, beautifully complementing the classical structures and the ultra modern furniture and objects the owners have chosen for their home. While taking great care to protect and keep the original features of the apartment, Patrick and Dorothée have decorated the apartment with contemporary objets d´arts and modern furniture, some of which, such as the dining table, are designed by themselves. All of the photographs throughout the apartment are shot by photographers, some of them world famous such as Peter Lindbergh, Steven Klein and Albert Watson, represented by acte2galerie in Paris.

Original text by Tina Komninou


Blogging on Home and Delicious

I introduced you to Home and Delicious last December and do hope you liked the magazine. I personally love it! As of today, I´ve started to blog on their website and will feature there about twice a month. I´ll also be blogging away on Koolandkreativ, no worries;) My first blog post over at Home and Delicious is dedicated to the Japanese maestro of design, Kenya Hara. I am lucky enough to own his books, Designing Design and White, where he shares with us is exceptional vision. Enjoy!